The Perikatan Nasional government’s failure has nothing to do with Umno, says Zahid

(FMT) – It is unfair for certain parties to blame Umno or link it to the failures of the Perikatan Nasional-led government, Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi says.

In a Facebook post, Zahid explained that while it was true there were several Umno MPs and ministers in the government, he said the party was not involved in making any of the country’s policies.

“All decisions are made entirely by the PN-led government. This includes policies related to the Covid-19 pandemic management in the country,” he said.

Zahid said the government had full powers to manage the country, especially after the Emergency, declared on Jan 11, which gave it extensive powers.

Despite these powers, the former deputy prime minister said it had failed to curb the pandemic after four months.

“In fact, the current number of Covid-19 cases is much higher than it was before the Emergency,” he said.

However, Zahid said Umno still prioritised the well-being of the people, saying the party had voiced concerns regarding the deteriorating Covid-19 situation many times.

“Unfortunately, most of the suggestions and recommendations were not heeded.”