Anwar supports street protests and regrets action against protestors

(FMT) – Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim predicts that the nation will witness more protests against the current government, following a gathering held in Johor recently.

In expressing his disappointment over the arrest of a group of youths believed to have taken part in the protest, Anwar said it only highlighted the Perikatan Nasional administration’s inability to deal with criticism.

Such protests, he added, only reflected the government’s weaknesses.

“The government’s refusal to hold a Parliament sitting is regrettable, and democracy continues to be stepped on. I am confident that anti-government sentiment and protests will spread,” the PKR president said in a statement.

Last Thursday, a video clip of a street protest in Parit Raja, near Batu Pahat, Johor, was posted online and quickly went viral.

It showed a group of motorists and motorcyclists blocking a busy intersection, burning flares and setting ablaze a banner with the words “Kerajaan Gagal” on it.

Police arrested more than 20 youths over the incident.

Anwar also expressed regret over action being taken against several youths who protested in front of Parliament last month.

The #BukaPuasaParlimen gathering held on April 30 saw participants take part in a sit-in protest before breaking fast together.

It was organised by youth groups who demanded Putrajaya give in to six demands, including ending the Emergency, allowing Parliament to reconvene, and implementing Undi18.