The reason why Azmin “betrayed” Anwar

No, Azmin did not betray Pakatan Harapan, PKR and/or Anwar Ibrahim. Azmin acted in self-defence. In the army, they say: kill or be killed. And that is the doctrine which Azmin applied. And that makes Azmin smarter than Anwar.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

The popular anti-Perikatan Nasional or anti-Muhyiddin Yassin narrative is that Azmin Ali betrayed Pakatan Harapan, PKR and/or Anwar Ibrahim.

That is utter nonsense and that is how the opposition normally spins stories to make the perpetrator appear like the victim. In fact, this is DAP’s modus operandi. They start the fight and then scream that they were attacked without any provocation. That is like the rapist screaming he is the rape victim.

Anwar Ibrahim is a master betrayer and throughout his political career he has left a trail of bodies in his wake. Anwar has stabbed more people in the back than the number of years he has been alive.

Anwar stabbed Fadzil Noor in the back in 1982

Many of the younger generation probably do not know about Ustaz Fadzil Muhammad Noor, the PAS President who died on 23rd June 2002. Anwar betrayed Ustaz Fadzil in 1982 when he joined Umno instead of PAS after Ustaz Fadzil had “bagi jalan” for Anwar to take over as the PAS President.

Ustaz Fadzil was heart-broken and commented that Anwar’s excuse for joining Umno (to change Umno from the inside) was a lame excuse and that Umno will change Anwar instead. Ustaz Fadzil was proven right in the end.

Many others faced that same betrayal.

John Soh spent millions on Anwar and PKR and finally was betrayed

John Soh Chee Wen spent millions to support Anwar and PKR. Many PKR leaders such as Saifuddin Nasution also received millions in funding from John Soh. In the end, Anwar betrayed John Soh as well. Anwar and Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail did not even bother to visit John Soh’s wife as she was dying of cancer. That really hurt John Soh.

Khalid Ibrahim is another person who spent millions to finance Anwar and PKR. Khalid used to even visit Anwar in the Sungai Buloh Prison, something not many others did. In the end, Anwar stabbed Khalid in the back as well.

Yes, there is a long line of bodies along the way in Anwar’s 50-year political career. People who went through hell and back for Anwar finally receive a knife in the back as their reward. That is Anwar’s trademark and legacy.

I once wrote an article (maybe more than 15 years ago) that Anwar is like Alexander the Great — the man who wanted to conquer the entire world but killed all his friends along the way. Anwar was not happy with that article because he thought I was referring to the fact that Alexander the Great was gay.

Anwar had been plotting to kill Azmin for 12 years so Azmin had to kill or be killed

You cannot find any person more loyal to Anwar than Azmin Ali. In 2008, when Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor, Azmin was supposed to be the Selangor Menteri Besar. But Anwar chose Khalid Ibrahim instead, much to the disappointment of many Azmin supporters.

The reason Anwar did not want Azmin as the Selangor MB was because Anwar was jealous that Azmin was becoming more popular than him. Many PKR leaders supported Azmin more than they supported Anwar. Even Anwar’s schooldays buddies such as Kamarul Baharin Abbas were more Azmin loyalist than Anwar loyalist.

Hence Anwar did not want Azmin as the Selangor MB lest he becomes too powerful or far stronger than him (Anwar).

Then Anwar tried to get rid of Khalid because he wanted the post of Selangor MB for himself. When His Highness the Sultan of Selangor did not agree, Anwar tried to replace Khalid with Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail instead.

Finally, on 23rd September 2014, the Sultan chose Azmin as the new Selangor MB. Anwar was outraged and from that day on he made up his mind that Azmin must be eliminated.

PKR and DAP wanted Dr Wan Azizah and not Azmin as the MB. PAS, however, knowing that His Highness the Sultan did not want Dr Wan Azizah, proposed Azmin.

Lim Kit Siang was so angry Azmin became the Selangor MB that he closed down Pakatan Rakyat

PKR and DAP blamed PAS for the Sultan choosing Azmin instead of Dr Wan Azizah as the Selangor MB. DAP responded by closing down Pakatan Rakyat on 16th June 2015 so that PAS could be kicked out of the opposition coalition.

To cut a long story short, Anwar and DAP did not want Azmin. And they demonstrated this by closing down Pakatan Rakyat. Hence Azmin knew that his future was not with PKR and DAP or Pakatan.

Things came to a head after the 14th General Election in May 2018. Azmin had to start preparing for his political career post-PKR or post-Pakatan Harapan. He was living on borrowed time, and if he did not make his move, he was going to be assassinated.

When Anwar and DAP made their move to oust Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in February 2020, Azmin saw the writing on the wall. After they kill Dr Mahathir, Anwar would kill Azmin. So Azmin had better find a new “home”, or else die.

Hadi revealed the “Sheraton Move” was planned almost two years earlier

PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang, in fact, revealed that the “Sheraton Move” was not spontaneous or in response to the February 2020 move to oust Dr Mahathir. It was, in fact, planned two years earlier.

READ HERE: Hadi Awang: ‘Sheraton Move’ was clean, planned since end of GE14

No, Azmin did not betray Pakatan Harapan, PKR and/or Anwar Ibrahim. Azmin acted in self-defence. In the army, they say: kill or be killed. And that is the doctrine which Azmin applied. And that makes Azmin smarter than Anwar.