This is what GE15 is going to look like

Today there is an exodus from the city. Malays are moving out of the city to return to the Malay heartland. And this is what GE15 or PRU15 is going to look like. So DAP and PKR had better be scared, really scared, because this is going to be their worst nightmare when Malays demonstrate their displeasure at the ballot box.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

High number of vehicles heading to East Coast, says LLM

(Bernama): The Malaysian Highway Authority (LLM) has reported a high number of vehicles on the main route to the East Coast despite the enforcement of movement controls in the city.

An LLM spokesman said, when contacted by Bernama Saturday (May 8), that the number of vehicles had been increasing since as early as 8am causing congestion especially in the area before the Bentong Toll Plaza, adding that it might be due to the rising number of road users as well as the strict inspection conducted by the police at a roadblock mounted at the toll plaza.

No, these are NOT DAP-PKR supporters

LLM also uploaded a photo showing vehicles stuck in a traffic jam along the road on its official Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Kelantan police chief Datuk Shafien Mamat confirmed that there was a surge of vehicle movements into the state since Friday (May 7) involving three main entry points – Gua Musang, Pasir Puteh, and Jeli.

A shot from the videocam

He said a total of 75 vehicles were forced to turn back for not having interstate travel permits throughout the implementation of roadblocks at the state’s entry points, adding that police would mount five more roadblocks in the state.

Kelantan has been placed under a movement control order beginning April 16 until May 17.

“Besides that, police will also increase the number of enforcement teams to monitor the people’s level of compliance with the standard operating procedures in public places such as shopping malls,” he said.