Survey shows Malaysians credit PN rather than PAS with empowering Islamic policies in the country

“Indeed, it may convince Umno in particular that there is no risk to jettisoning PAS and the Muafakat Nasional (MN) arrangement, as a party’s ‘Islamic’ credentials do not necessarily appear tied to the country’s oldest Islamic party’’

(MMO) – A recent survey found that most Malaysians think the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has done a good job pushing forward Islamic policies in the country.

However, fewer Malaysians credit PAS — a PN component party — with this empowering of Islam.

In a survey conducted by Invoke and commissioned by Malay Mail, 45 per cent of respondents polled in February agree that PN has stepped up the implementation of Islamic policies but only 38 per cent think that PAS played a role.

The survey also found that only 51 per cent of Malay respondents believe PAS helped improve the implementation of these pro-Islamic policies compared to 59 per cent who credited the PN administration as a whole.

“This places PAS in an awkward situation. If fewer and fewer voters feel that the party is contributing to government performance – let alone fulfilling its raison d’etre of Islamising the country – it could prove less influential in the event of a general election.

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