IGP Hamid Bador to retire on 3rd May 2021

(MMO) – Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said he will step down from the position when his contract expires on May 3.

In an interview with Malay daily Harian Metro, he said would do so despite others’ efforts for his contract to be extended.

“My contract will end on May 3, thus on that day I will hand over the reigns of Inspector-General to my successor,” he was quoted as saying.

Hamid said he was aware of a poll on social media calling for him to remain as IGP for his action against organised crime and cartels in the country.

However, he denied that he had any part in the informal survey.

“Someone told me of this poll, but I am not involved in it. There have been some who said that this poll is my doing so that I can extend my contract.

“Even though the poll shows that 70 per cent of the voters want me to extend my contract, I also see that 30 per cent don’t want me to extend. Thus, it is time for me to pass the baton,” he said.

When asked about his efforts to clean up the police forces’ image from the cartels and integrity issues, he said he hoped his successor would be fully committed to continuing this mission.

“I hope that the police hierarchy continues to uphold and improve the image and integrity of the force. I’ve mentioned many times and given mandate on my desire to clear the forces’ name and restore the highest level of integrity of the police.

“The aim is to ensure the best quality of service for the people,” he said.

He added that the police force carried a heavy burden but did so for Malaysians and the country.

“It has to come from inside us. When we put on this uniform, we must be reasonable with our duties and our actions must always be accountable.

“We have to be honest and transparent in order to bring back the good image of the force. Then, the people will start believing in the force again,” he said.

Hamid joined the police force on November 4, 1979, as a trainee inspector before being moved to the Special Branch (SB) unit in Bukit Aman, where he served from 1980 to 1996.

In 1999, he was then chosen as the deputy police chief for the Gombak district, before returning to SB in 2001.

He was chosen to be IGP on a contract basis for two years starting May 4, 2019, which will come to an end on May 3 this year.