PAS the lamb in Bersatu-Umno spat

Race unity is the means to national power, not the ends for both Umno and Bersatu.

Praba Ganesan, The Malay Mail Online

The minister spoke truth. A PAS minister at that!

“Which party does not want to expand its area of control?”

Uttered by the plantations and commodity minister it seems philosophical and no more.

When the same minister is also PAS’ strategic director, then eyebrows are raised.

Of course, parties want more power but at the expense of what?

Because the same line was used by the Chinese Communist Party before annexing Tibet in 1950.

Though Khairuddin Aman Razali refers to domestic politics only, he remains offensive.

But why does he pledge racial domination?

Perhaps because his party is too deep inside Perikatan Nasional’s overt ethnocentricity. Incredulity aside, was PAS swept along by the infamous Sheraton Move?

Because as junior partner in a race love union, PAS is consigned as the dullest point of this trident.

Nevertheless, being PAS it does not care.

The vagaries of coalition dynamics were always beyond a party inclined to faith, not process or structure.

It remains a blind-spot, a big huge one which prevents PAS from leading the country.

Neither Umno nor Bersatu want to be second in command in the long run, they are competitors. PAS looks on forlorn.

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