‘Go to hell,’ Nazri tells Ahmad Maslan over gag order

Outspoken Umno MP Nazri Aziz said that he had been issued a gag order by the party following his recent outburst against its president, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

(FMT) – Nazri said the message was issued by Umno secretary-general Ahmad Maslan informing him that only three people were allowed to speak on behalf of the party, namely Zahid, Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan and Ahmad.

Citing the message, the Padang Rengas MP said aside from the three mentioned, anyone else in the party could only speak “for themselves”.

“But he can go to hell. This is 2021 and Umno is not a communist party.

“And I always speak for myself anyway,” a defiant Nazri told FMT tonight.

In the message he received, there was a reminder that any personal opinion should not further complicate ties between Umno members.

The message added that any public spat would only invite negative reports in the media which would not be of any benefit to the party.

“Don’t entertain the incitement by the media that aims to sensationalise stories. We are not responsible to them,” Ahmad told Nazri.

The “gag order” comes a day after Nazri, a former Supreme Council member, said that Barisan Nasional’s chances of winning the next general election will be greatly hampered so long as Zahid is head of the coalition and Umno.

Nazri had also criticised Zahid’s leadership, saying it was becoming increasingly clear that Zahid no longer had the backing nor the credibility to lead Umno and the coalition.

He also said that Zahid, who faces trial on 47 charges of corruption, criminal breach of trust and money laundering, should step aside and allow someone else to lead Umno and BN.