Zahid not fit to lead Umno if audio clip genuine, says Ku Li

(Malaysiakini) – Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is not qualified to hold the position of Umno president if he indeed spoke with PKR president Anwar Ibrahim after the party’s annual general assembly, Umno veteran Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah said.

Razaleigh, who is also Umno advisory board chairperson, is the latest Umno leader to join calls to oust Zahid following the emergence of an audio clip, a purported phone conversation between Zahid and Anwar after the recently-concluded party meeting.

“In my opinion, it is not good. A leader shouldn’t behave this way. He should be more responsible as people have this hope in him to lead better.

“As for this audio recording, I don’t know if it is true but this indeed sounds like him,” Razaleigh (above) was quoted as saying by Sinar Harian.

“If it’s true it’s his voice, then he has such intentions… he does not deserve to stay on (as president),” added the Gua Musang MP, also known as Ku Li.

Since Tuesday night, the four-minute audio clip has been making rounds where a person who sounded like Anwar praised the person who sounded like Zahid over the latter’s handling of the Umno general assembly.

Zahid has denied the authenticity of the recording and said an officer of his would lodge a police report.

During the Umno general assembly, the party delegates resolved to cut ties with Bersatu but gave Zahid the mandate to decide when.

The Umno general assembly had also resolved that the party must not cooperate with Anwar nor DAP.

The audio recording, if true, would further indicate that there is clandestine cooperation between some Umno leaders and the opposition.

Despite Zahid’s denial, the call for him to resign grows.

Seremban Youth chief Zool Amali Hussin urged Zahid to step down respectfully once the police confirmed the audio clip is authentic.

He also called on Umno supreme council to immediately investigate the authenticity of the audio clip.

“The president must show confidence that the audio clip is fake by lodging a police report, and if the finding shows that it is indeed true, then he must resign respectfully,” Zool Amali said on Wednesday.

“We don’t want to have an issue like this which may turn some of Umno members into fence-sitters as they lose confidence,” he said, adding that Zahid’s image, which has been tarnished, must be cleaned up to gain members’ confidence.

Meanwhile, Perak Umno president Saarani Mohamad urged Zahid to provide an explanation on the leaked audio clip.

“I remind myself and other friends not to be quick to get angry or act impulsively,” he told reporters yesterday.

“We must be rational, and more importantly, we must get an explanation from the party if this is true. It is better for us to wait for an explanation and what he (Zahid) would say,” added the Perak menteri besar.