Anwar says voice in leaked recoding not his: there are people with voices sounding like his

(FMT) – PKR president Anwar Ibrahim has denied speaking to his Umno counterpart, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, after the Umno annual general assembly last month.

Speaking at a PKR event last night, Anwar described the viral audio recording of their purported conversation, which gives the impression that the two were working together, as slander.

Previously, Zahid had also said he had not communicated with Anwar after the Umno assembly and that the fake recording was a malicious political move to bring down his party.

“As Zahid has denied (the audio clip), I too, tonight, deny it,” said Anwar, adding that there were people with voices sounding like his.

“Fortunately, our loyal friends, DAP and Amanah, are not fooled by such slander.”

The opposition leader and Port Dickson MP claimed the sound clip was an attempt by the country’s leaders to resort to tricks after failing to threaten or induce people into supporting them.

“This will not affect our efforts to challenge them and expose their lies, corruption and fear in facing the people,” he said.

He said he would instruct his officer to lodge a police report so the authorities could investigate the matter.

Umno Supreme Council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi has already decried the recording as a “conspiracy of the highest level” and said the act of leaking it was politically motivated.