We are shooting ourselves in the foot

Reports presented by the government are that the Malaysian economy is strong and that foreign investment is flooding in by the billions of dollars. This is obviously contrary to the claims by economists and bankers who say the Malaysian economy is actually on a downward spiral with strong possibilities of becoming a failed country.

Dayang Jambul, Daily Express

It is a fact that many foreign manufacturing companies are moving their factories from Malaysia to Indonesia, especially from Penang.

Indonesia is the favoured country for foreign investment.  It has the population and has fair and just laws and policies.

Indonesia is also reported by the World Bank that by 2030, it will become the third biggest economy, after only the United States and China.  This can be seen by many Sabahans who visit Kalimantan.

Indonesia is very open and it is easier and simpler for foreigners to carry out businesses.  Of course it includes the local Indonesian.

Just take a company or individual wanting to buy a lorry for private use, it will take just a day – Registration and payment is all done electronically.

In Malaysia, to buy a lorry for whatever use will take at least 5 to 6 months.  There is a Permit for everything including the one that ensures your wheels are round!  This is not understood when the lorry is for private use, what is understood is that it amounts to a waste of time and money.

In addition, all registration and permit numbers are required to be printed on the side of the lorry.  This is again not understood as when enforcement officers make checks, the first thing they ask for is the actual registration card and permit.

It should be understood that enforcement officers, whether the Road Traffic Police or JPJ must have an in their vehicles a computer or a SMART phone that can be linked to the central vehicle network to make instantaneous checks.

Therefore, it is absurd, this need to paint permit numbers, etc, when enforcement personnel don’t even bother.

Another problem with transportation in Sabah is that residencies are considered like separate States just like in the peninsula.  A lorry carrying heavy equipment goods from Tawau to Kota Kinabalu is not allowed to carry anything on its return journey from Kota Kinabalu to Tawau.

This is economic sabotage.  The so called licensing Board which meets once every 3 months should be abolished to speed up processing of the public interest which it is supposed to serve.

All these problems can be solved overnight by the Sabah Members of Parliament or the Sabahan Federal Ministers if they are serious about making life easier and smoother for the Sabahan.

However, it appears these leaders or politicians have absolutely no compulsion (or ability) to solve problems faced by Sabahans.