Tok Mat cautions against enemies within party, says they should be ‘abandoned forever’

(MMO) – Umno deputy president Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan today cautioned about enemies within the party, and said such people should be dropped from the party indefinitely.

In his keynote address today, the politician known as Tok Mat reserved some harsh words for them, whom he accused of only using Umno for their personal agenda, but stopped short of naming them on stage.

“Firstly, in order to win in the upcoming general election, there are a few things which we must understand. Firstly, Umno cannot be confused as to who our real enemy is,” he said in his speech.

“This is because, facing our enemy in person is much easier from battling those who are hidden. Fire in husk, it burns worse, it is more painful and more disastrous.

“Umno should already know who they are, though there is no need for them to be mentioned here. Just remember, our enemy is very cunning and would do anything to destroy us,” he added.

He also called for action against those within the party who he claimed were only pretending to uphold Umno, “but their souls have been bought at such a cheap price”.

He said that while these hidden enemies still need Umno to survive, their passion already belongs to someone else.

“They have been corrupted with luxury in the form of materials. To them, Umno is no more than a mere ride. When it is strong, they stay close. When weak, they give up. Remember, Umno is not incapacitated. Anyone who is cheating and betrays, must be abandoned forever,” Mohamad added.

He said that Umno must also stress that anyone who makes enemies with the Malays and Islam, are to be deemed as Umno’s enemies.

“As long as they do not cross this line, Umno is very open to explore all forms of cooperation offered,” he added.

On March 23, ahead of PAU 2020 today, party president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi took to Facebook today with a cryptic posting about certain “brokers” within the party allegedly trying to undermine Umno.

However, Zahid who is currently facing multiple court charges, urged for calm among party members, assuring them that he is very much ‘alert’ of the plans by the brokers, whom he did not name.