The Media Push for a Umno / Pakatan Harapan Marriage

Mak Khuin Weng

We have been bombarded with numerous articles of a possible working relationship between Umno and Pakatan Harapan.

Even Lim Sian See (not his real name), a pro-Najib online personality, has returned to social media after a few years of absence to issue the following subtle message:

“When you are in the middle of negotiating, do you tell the counter-party that you have no other choice but forced to go with the very party that you are negotiating with?”

There is also another staunch PH supporter, A Kathirasen, who wrote this morning about the possibility of the partnership, and this is how he sold the marriage of convenience:

“There is every likelihood that the distrust that has developed between the various races can be reduced if Umno and the PH’s DAP work together… If Umno and the DAP in PH were to come together and work in tandem for the good of the nation, there would likely be a tendency to stop playing the race card, which means less likelihood of anyone spitting venom to arouse the emotions of their supporters and voters.”

“Over time, I believe race relations can improve, provided both work hard as a team and not indulge in backstabbing and quarrels. This is not to say that everything will be rosy, no, only that a foundation would be established upon which to build bridges.”

Secara spontan, keajaiban yang ditulis En Kathirasen tu boleh berlaku sekiranya Umno dan PH bekerjasama.

If miracles like that actually happened, it would have happened when Pakatan was working together with PPBM and Mahathir.

If race and religious tension were to reduce because two political parties got together, it would have happened when DAP and PAS were together in Selangor and Penang.

These details were left out of the narrative because it is counter to what the pro-PH media wants to sell.

Indeed, exactly how we go from Malaysians calling each other racist and chauvinist to Malaysia having less raciam and religious political drama due to a marriage of convenience is never spelt out.

If Umno and PH sleep together, Malaysia will become a utopia.

Can’t imagine it? That is because most of us are taught to divide and compartmentalise topics into us vs them.

In order to bypass this manufactured and taught bias, we must be taught a new bias that requires our brains to not only be rewired but to also do mental gymnastics in order to reach the new manufactured conclusion.

Of course this will not happen. Both sides see each other as shit thanks to years and years of conditioning.

The last time DAP sold the same message of cooperation, there was also a side-message of how Mahathir was actually just a horse to carry Pakatan to Putrajaya and that once Pakatan was there, it would be best if Mahathir passed away conveniently due to old age by 2020.

Seriously, just watch the video I linked below. It is in Mandarin with Malay subtitles. Towards the end, the message even subtly shifts to how the Chinese once hated the Japanese (a World War 2 reference) to how we have no problems eating sushi and driving toyota today to seal the deal of cooperation and working together with Mahathir.

But DAP did not just do this with Mahathir. When they worked with PAS, the message and conditioning they sold to their members was that they did not need to fear hudud.

“If you did not rob or steal, you do not need to be afraid of hudud… In fact, we already have many scary laws in Malaysia. If you break our drug laws, you will be hanged to death.” – Anthony Loke.

That is the sort of sick conditioning our politicians do. They don’t talk about the real issues, just fairy tales that comes with plenty of side clauses spoken in different languages for different audiences.

So, all of ready to practise mental gymnastics again so we will all support an Umno / Pakatan coalition?