98% SRJKC in Peninsular do not agree with Jawi

(Malaysia Gazette) – 98.29 percent of the national-type Chinese primary schools (SRJKC) in the Peninsular of Malaysia do not agree with the teaching and introduction of Jawi in the Year Four Bahasa Melayu text book.

The Chairman of United Chinese School Committees’ Association of Malaysia (Dong Zong), Tan Tai Kim said, based on the survey conducted in the Peninsular of Malaysia, only 17 schools agreed with its implementation.

“Most huge scale SRJKC do not agree. Only small schools and schools with majority non-Chinese agree with it.

“In these schools, the Parents and Teachers’ Association (PTA) agree with its implementation,” Tai Kim told Sinchew Daily.

Meanwhile, Tai Kim said that they are still compiling the data from Sabah and Sarawak and it will be announced once they get the complete data.

Tai Kim emphasized that Dong Zong does not reject the teaching of Jawi and supports calligraphy from various races to be introduced in the text books.

“We agree and support this all these while,” he said.

A survey by Dong Zong last year showed that out of 1,298 SRJKC nationwide, 1,275 do not agree with the introduction of Jawi in the Bahasa Melayu text books.

In that research, only 23 SRJKC agree with its implementation.