Govt should appeal ‘Allah’ decision, says PPBM info chief

PPBM has joined Umno and PAS in wanting the government to appeal the High Court’s decision to allow a judicial review by a Sarawakian Christian to use “Allah” in her religious education.

(FMT) – In a Facebook post, PPBM information chief Wan Saiful Wan Jan said he had spoken to a few Cabinet members to convey his opinion on the matter.

He also said yesterday’s decision proved that the government would not interfere in the matters of the court, adding that this was a core principle upheld by Perikatan Nasional.

“Secondly, our laws need to consider the local environment and culture. In matters that touch on the sensitivities of Muslims, there is a need for them to be managed carefully and thoroughly,” he said.

Last night, Umno and PAS, through their Muafakat Nasional alliance, also said they wanted Putrajaya to appeal the High Court’s decision.

They said they were concerned by the court’s decision to allow the terms “Allah”, “Baituallah”, “Solat” and “Kaabah” to be used by non-Muslims in their publications.

In her decision, High Court judge Noor Bee Ariffin said a Dec 5, 1986, home ministry directive prohibiting the use of the words by non-Muslims was illegal and unconstitutional.

She ruled that the directive was wrongly issued as it went beyond the aim of the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984.