We are nobody’s political tool, we are independent, says MACC

(FMT) – The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has described the accusation by Pakatan Harapan (PH) that it was being used by the ruling coalition as a political weapon to get MPs to switch sides as “unfounded and baseless”.

The anti-graft body emphasised that it was an independent investigation agency that ensures its loyalties lie only with the law and not with any party or individual

“These accusations are unfounded and irresponsible.

“They may tarnish the reputation of MACC and create a negative perception of the commission,” it said in a statement.

Yesterday, the PH presidential council slammed the alleged abuse of key government agencies to pressure opposition MPs into switching allegiances to support the ruling Perikatan Nasional instead.

It cited agencies such as MACC, the Inland Revenue Board and the police as political weapons following several arrests and investigations launched against some opposition politicians.

“This was the motive behind recent investigations against several MPs such as Lim Guan Eng, Steven Choong, Larry Sng and Dr Xavier Jayakumar.

“Political competition must take place in a healthy environment, with democratic practices that are in line with the Federal Constitution,” the council had said.

Last week, the MACC arrested PKR Perak deputy chairman MA Tinagaran.

Tinagaran was suspected of accepting bribes from several companies for a project awarded by the water, land and natural resources ministry in 2019.

Xavier, who is PKR vice-president, later denied that the man arrested by MACC was his aide and said he was just a family friend.

He said any leader with ties to corruption must be held accountable, adding that PKR would not stand for any form of graft.