I left Pakatan Harapan voluntarily: Steven Choong

Steven Choong


This is in respnse to the statement by Majlis President Pakatan Harapan (‘MPPH’) whereby amongst others, they state, “…tindakan agensi termasuk SPRM, LHDN serta PDRM terhadap Ahli-ahli Parliamen pembangkang…”

Further, “…untuk Ahli-Ahli Parliamen pembangkang menyatakan sokongan terhadap Perdana Menteri…” “…Kami percaya ini telah dilakukan terhadap ramai termasuk…YB Steven Choong…”.

This statement by MPPH is blatantly untrue, uncalled for and done with ill will. I hereby categorically state that I am not under any pressure whatsoever to give my support to our Prime Minister nor have the various enforcement bodies been in touch with me for any investigation purpose.

MPPH should stop hurling all kind of irresponsible allegations at their whims and fancy, instead, focus in constructive matter.

I wish to state in no uncertainty that I left PH voluntarily, the allegation that I have been attacked by various enforcement bodies are reckless and baselss. I left PH because I have totally loss confidence in the leadership of PH and do wish to be able to do more for the country generally and my constituency specifically.