To hell with Perikatan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan!


One is known as Perikatan Nasional (National Alliance), the other Pakatan Harapan (Alliance of Hope). To me, it has become clear that both were established for the specific self-serving purpose of sustaining political careers.

PN is anything but a national alliance; it’s a hastily cobbled marriage of convenience to satisfy a sheer lust for power. And Harapan brings almost about everything to the table except hope.

Both coalitions are heavily fractured and they comprise of undeserving leaders who are unworthy to govern the nation. Their so-called leaders are an indisciplined lot, lack a clear vision to move the nation forward but excel in harping on unity and reforms with no idea of how to achieve those objectives.

So I say: To hell with both! Like many Malaysians, I am not only disappointed and demoralised but furious with the sorry state of affairs before us – never-ending politicking, betrayals and mistrust among allies, temper-throwing leaders with big egos, racial and religious rhetoric continues unabated and the “Me first, rakyat last” policies.

Malaysia is in a dangerous hour. Politicians from both sides are irresponsibly responsible for the people’s restlessness and disillusionment.

Don’t blame the coronavirus pandemic. Even without Covid-19, politicians will still be playing the games they so excel in, at the same time frothing from their mouth hypocritically extolling the virtues of unity and stability.

They talk of changes but unable to change themselves. Both sides expect their opponents to change so that they could have the upper hand. Their political struggle is for themselves, never the people.

They have betrayed the people’s trust and no longer worthy of our support. Not PN, not Harapan. In fact, they deserve our wrath and retribution; so, let’s trust them no more.

In unison, let us tell them loud and clear to go fly a kite. For their years of misdeeds and the pain and sufferings they have caused, that’s not being rude or discourteous but actually gentle and polite lingo.

As we approach a new year, we would normally look forward to gladder tidings but sadly, there is no silver lining ahead – on the political front that is. We can expect it to look gloomy with greater political upheavals as GE15 looms in 2021.

Going rogue

Two key factors stood out for this never-ending political crisis in the country which has also brought us shame and ridicule in the eyes of the international community.

There are the lack of discipline and total disunity within the two coalitions. When allies in the same coalition are not disciplined and disunited, it is impossible to function as an organisation, let alone govern a nation.

Party discipline is dependent on mutual trust, on close cooperation by all members of the team and confidence that each individual will play his or her role.

There is no discipline, even at the top of PN and Harapan. Veteran leaders have also been poor examples of party discipline.

Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Anwar Ibrahim, Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, Lim Guan Eng and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah are classic examples.

Mahathir did not consult his allies in February when he resigned as Harapan’s prime minister, only to concede later that it was a mistake. Don’t expect Mahathir to exercise group discipline. He has never heard of it.

Anwar made a last-minute decision on his own in directing Harapan MPs to stand down on the budget vote on Nov 16 in Parliament. Why? He has to protect his image as a caring leader. A leader so full of himself can never be a disciplinarian. If you are not a disciplinarian, you cannot lead. Period!

As Umno president, Zahid said he would not stop Umno MPs from supporting Anwar in his bid to become prime minister in September. A party president allowing his lawmakers to run rogue is a clear sign of zero discipline in the party.

Then, we learn that Lim’s joint statement with Amanah president Mohamad Sabu telling their own coalition that a political reset was necessary and to stop wasting time with PN. Wasn’t that a direct affront at Anwar? Why didn’t they bring up their intentions at the Harapan presidential council meeting instead of issuing public statements? Top Harapan leaders are not talking to each other anymore, is it? Where is the coalition discipline?

As for Tengku Razaleigh, he did not turn up for the budget vote in Parliament despite an Umno directive to party MPs to do so. Again, do not expect a seasoned personality like Razaleigh to abide by party discipline. Like Mahathir, it’s his way or the highway.

Power first

As for unity, I doubt any politician from both sides believes that “there is more power in unity than division”. Most likely, it’s a case of “power first, then unity”. Most of them could be thinking that “I have to create division in order to attain power; along the way, harp on unity as the struggle”.

Now, Mahathir has teamed up with his old adversary, Razaleigh, to work on a “unity government”. This has to be a stale joke as we have heard that being ridiculously proffered all too often that it has become meaningless.

Some of the younger leaders have also learnt to squabble, lie to their electorate and turn political frogs. To them, they are following the ‘example’ from their seniors to “make hay while the sun shines”.

The more discerning and sincere ones among the younger lawmakers are not given the opportunity to lead while many choose not to rock the boat and put their career on the line. At best, they sit in the cafeteria and issue polite statements, ensuring that they do not antagonise their party warlords.

PN and Harapan will not be able to gain or recover my trust and confidence. Come GE15, I expect nothing to change, no matter which side emerges victorious as long as the same players are still around.

I do not expect to see any significant reconfiguration or re-imagination of our political direction in the years ahead.

So, who can save, re-invent and lead our nation to a position and stature which Malaysia rightfully deserves and belongs?

Probably, that baby isn’t born yet.