The Pakatan agents in Umno

The objective is simple. They want to kill Umno by killing Perikatan Nasional, which means splitting Umno from PPBM and PAS. Only then will Umno die. In an alliance with PPBM and PAS, Perikatan Nasional is going to win GE15.


Raja Petra Kamarudin

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said, it is not easy to bring down a sitting prime minister because he has the advantage of the position of prime minister behind him.

Dr Mahathir also said, it is very difficult to bring down Umno from the outside. If you want to bring down Umno, it has to be from the inside.

Dr Mahathir has demonstrated this from his actions in the past if you had taken the trouble to study his moves over the last 50 years since 1970.

To kill Umno you must do it from the inside, said Mahathir

And I suppose that is why Prophet Muhammad considered the munafiq more dangerous and worse enemies than the kafir. You know who the kafir are and can identify them. But the munafiq sits amongst you and works with you while secretly working against you.

I remember my arwah Tok Guru quoting the Prophet as saying that, in a war, exterminate the munafiq first before facing the opposing forces. And in the war between Medina and Mekah, the Prophet was merciless and did not spare the munafiq in Medina who were secret agents of Mekah.

At one time, the Malayan Special Branch was said to be amongst the best in the world. It is also said that the number two in the CPM (Communist Party of Malaya) was a Special Branch officer who had infiltrated the organisation and for years worked his way up the ranks to become number two.

After the great success of the Batu Caves raid that crippled the CPM, the chap disappeared. We are not told whether he was discovered and then bumped off or whether he went into retirement after giving the CPM its worst blow.

Before you can kill Umno you first need to break up Perikatan Nasional

Anyway, the point is, if you want to hurt Umno and bring the party down or finish it off, it has to be done from the inside, not from the outside. And to bring down Umno, you need to first weaken or destroy the alliance.

It has been proven that Umno can be strong only if the alliance is strong. In the first election in 1955, Umno won only 59% of the votes and 65% of the seats. But the Alliance Party of Umno-MCA-MIC won 82% and 98% of the votes and seats respectively.

In 1969, the Alliance Party almost got defeated. So, in 1973, they had to form a new alliance called Barisan Nasional and in the 1974 general election they won 61% of the votes and 88% of the seats. On its own, Umno won only 40% of the seats, not enough to form a government without its other coalition partners.

Umno is being led to believe it can win GE15 and form the next government on its own with just MCA and MIC

The argument that Umno can face GE15 on its own without any partners is nonsense. Even in the best general election in 2004, Umno won only 36% of the votes and 49% of the seats. It was Barisan Nasional that won 64% of the votes and 90% of the seats, not Umno alone.

There are those who want to give the impression that Umno does not need any other coalition partners other than just MCA and MIC to win GE15. They argue that Umno does not need PPBM and/or PAS.

They say Umno can contest 120 or 130 parliamentary constituencies and probably win about 100 or so parliament seats on its own, enough to form the government without any partners (I suppose like the Conservative Party in the UK).

All that cakap besar is meant to give Umno the impression it can safely divorce from PPBM and PAS, or break up Perikatan Nasional, and form the next government with just MCA and MIC.

Umno got tricked in GE14 and now it is being tricked again

Of course, there are all sorts of excuses being given as to why Umno needs to or must break up with PPBM and PAS. No doubt all these excuses sound credible or plausible. And they say on its own Umno can win 100 seats — whereas, in an alliance with PPBM and PAS, Umno will be able to win only 50 or so seats, half of what Umno can win on its own.

Yes, they said that in 2018 as well. They said Umno does not need any alliance with PAS and on its own Barisan Nasional can win about 135 seats, about 95-100 of those seats by Umno. Instead, Umno and Barisan Nasional got wiped out in GE14.

And now they are doing it again. The Pakatan Harapan agents (or maybe the Dr Mahathir-Anwar Ibrahim agents) are making Umno believe that an alliance with PPBM and/or PAS is bad for Umno’s future and Umno’s future lies in going solo and contesting the general election as Barisan Nasional with just MCA and MIC.

Without PAS, Umno will lose three million Malay voters

The objective is simple. They want to kill Umno by killing Perikatan Nasional, which means splitting Umno from PPBM and PAS. Only then will Umno die. In an alliance with PPBM and PAS, Perikatan Nasional is going to win GE15.

As I said, you need to kill Umno from the inside. Mahathir said, from the outside it would be very difficult to kill Umno. So, so-called “friends” of Umno and people who claim to love Umno are trying very hard to kill Perikatan Nasional so that they can kill Umno. Prophet Muhammad called these people munafiq and enemies more dangerous than kafir.