No permanent friends, enemies if govt doesn’t have strong majority, says Puad

Umno Supreme Council member Puad Zarkashi says there will be no long-lasting political friends or enemies as long as the government does not hold a strong majority.

(FMT) – In a Facebook post, Puad said this was part of the “new norms” of politics that was no longer as rigid and coalition-centric, with cooperation between any political parties a possibility.

He was commenting on recent developments in Perak, where PKR and DAP assemblymen supported Umno’s no-confidence motion against the now-deposed menteri besar, Ahmad Faizal Azumu.

“Although Umno has its ‘No PKR and no DAP’ stand, the motion was still supported. That means political stands will not easily hinder the new political dynamics.

“Umno cannot be apologetic, being afraid of getting accused as power hungry or kissing the enemy. Umno’s motion was necessary to change a menteri besar who had failed.

“Perak has paved the way for new political norms. Is that a signal to Muhyiddin? It’s not impossible for this to happen at the federal level,” he said.

Puad said the weak majority commanded by the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government meant that it could not govern effectively, questioning whether Umno should remain embroiled in this.

He said this called for a departure from the “old cocoon” of politics and to embrace the new normal.

“There are no lasting political enemies and friends as long as a government with a two-thirds majority doesn’t exist. Be ready for the new political norms,” he said.