Dr Wee accuses Opposition MPs of play-acting following failed bloc vote in Parliament

(The Star) – Pakatan Harapan’s first failed attempt to vote against the Perikatan Nasional government’s Budget 2021 via a bloc vote at the committee stage of debates marks the beginning of the Opposition’s “sandiwara” (play-acting), says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.

According to the MCA president, prior to the counting of MPs votes, he heard Opposition MPs saying that a bloc vote would be called for every ministry when it wraps up in Parliament at the committee stage this week.

Dr Wee said this clearly shows that the Opposition MPs are feeling the heat after they failed to initiate a bloc vote on Budget 2021 last week at the policy stage.

“Many Pakatan supporters are criticising their leaders as ‘cakap tidak serupa bikin’ (not walking the talk).

“Beginning Monday, Pakatan’s ‘sandiwara’ will begin and they will object to Budget 2021 at the committee stage for every ministry to make up for their mistake on Thursday (Nov 26),” he said.

Earlier on Monday, an attempt by Opposition lawmakers to call for bloc voting to vote down the allocation for the Prime Minister’s Department at the committee stage of Budget 2021 failed.

This after 105 MPs voted “aye” for the allocations to be approved compared to 95 who voted “nay”.

Last week, Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said leaders of the Opposition parties were instructed not to hold a bloc vote for Budget 2021 at the policy level.

He said this was done so MPs could study and scrutinise the overall announcement by the Finance Minister.

However, 13 MPs did not follow Anwar’s instructions and they stood up in support of Datuk Mahfuz Omar’s call for a bloc vote on Budget 2021 at the policy stage.

It turned out to be a futile effort as a bloc vote required the support of a minimum of 15 MPs.