Anwar explains why he backed down from sabotaging Budget 2021

Anwar lost his numbers after Umno did not support the budget sabotage

(FMT) – Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim today said he told Pakatan Harapan MPs to allow Budget 2021 to pass the first vote, but to mount a fight in the coming committee stage debate on Monday.

He said while the finance minister had conceded to “some” demands made by PH, the opposition coalition was leaning towards rejecting the budget.

Anwar said the opposition’s nod for the passage at the policy stage was to allow salaries for the civil service, allowances and other payments to be made.

“While some decisions made by the finance minister appear to answer some of our demands, we can’t reject it strongly, so I told our friends to agree with the first round.

“This is the first round, the detailed committee stage debate is on Monday,” he told a press conference at Parliament today.

He added that would likely ask for bloc voting then.