No active Covid-19 clusters in Singapore for first time since February

(FMT) – Singapore, which has reported a total of 58,183 Covid-19 cases, closed its last Covid-19 cluster – a migrant workers’ dormitory – yesterday.

Its ministry of health said there had been no more cases linked to the cluster at Cassia @ Penjuru for the past two incubation periods of 28 days.

“With the closure of this cluster, there are no active Covid-19 clusters for the first time since Feb 3, 2020,” it said in a statement last night.

Singapore reported its first cluster on Feb 4 involving a Chinese medicine shop.

The ministry said it had classified 1,410 of the reported cases as imported, 2,271 as community cases, and 54,502 involving dormitory residents.

Ninety-nine per cent, or 58,079 cases, had fully recovered, and 37 confirmed cases remained hospitalised, with one in critical condition in the intensive care unit, it said.

Thirty-nine patients with mild symptoms or who were clinically well, but still tested positive for Covid-19, had been isolated and were being cared for at community facilities.

There had been 28 deaths, with the first two reported on March 21.

Eighteen new cases, of which 15 were asymptomatic, were reported yesterday.