‘We’re not rebels’: Young leaders form ‘progressive’ caucus to push for reforms in Malay-dominated Umno

“At the moment, Umno is perceived to be so conservative, an Islamist party, a party that propagates propaganda, this is what is clouding the party now but Umno is not like that.”

(MMO) – Hoping for a “return” of Umno to its more centrist and people-centric roots, several like-minded young leaders in the party have banded together in a “progressive” caucus as a platform for those who share their ideals.

Seeking to uphold the ideals of democracy, sustainable equity policies, and ultimately advancing Malay politics through progressive ideas, these mostly professional Umno members have formed the group calling itself ‘’Progresif Umno’.

Speaking to Malay Mail, one of the movement’s founding members, Muhammad Shaqib Shahrilnizam, said the creation of the caucus was meant to provide a voice for what he deemed as “the silent majority” within the party who lack an avenue to express their ideas or concerns.

“The idea of the caucus is to bring a new narrative that is more friendly towards the people. We need to find a new narrative so that people would appreciate Umno and they feel Umno is one of the places where they can express their ideas, concerns, and even a place where they can fight for,” said the Pulai Umno Youth information chief.

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