Annuar moots ‘grand coalition’ comprising anti-PH parties

(FMT) – Barisan Nasional (BN) secretary-general Annuar Musa has mooted a “grand coalition” to unite the ummah (Arabic term for community), saying other parties including multi-racial ones are free to join.

Besides the main parties, such as Warisan, Pejuang and Muda, he said other independent ones like Berjasa, IPF (Indian Progressive Front), Makkal, PCM (Parti Cinta Malaysia) could also be part of the coalition.

In using ummah as the basis for this coalition that includes non-Malays and those from other religions, Annuar appears to be moving away from a term that normally refers only to Malay-Muslims in the Malaysian political context.

In a Facebook post, Annuar said uniting the ummah should not just be limited to Malay-based parties Umno, PAS and PPBM, adding that he wanted to establish a grand coalition comprising more than 10 parties with the same direction.

He also lamented that the country’s politics had long revolved around a handful of individuals instead of a party’s struggle.

“What’s important is that we depart from politics that revolve around personalities and we enhance the politics of uniting the ummah that prioritises stability, national endurance and the people’s interests.

“Independent parties or those that oppose Pakatan Harapan can be brought in. They are Warisan, Muda, Pejuang, Berjasa, IPF (Indian Progressive Front), Makkal and PCM (Parti Cinta Malaysia) among others,” he said.

PAS and Umno are partners in an alliance called Muafakat Nasional (MN). PPBM had agreed to join the alliance in August. However, the alliance has not been registered as a political coalition.

PAS and PPBM are also partners in the ruling coalition Perikatan Nasional (PN).

Yesterday, PAS president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man said an official coalition of PAS, Umno and PPBM is expected to be formed soon, adding that “it will become a reality in the near future”.

Annuar said this will be discussed at a MN steering committee meeting on Wednesday.