A Letter of Appreciation on Behalf of Relatives & Friends

That box of supplies and the RM300-RM500 hand-outs go a long way when you are fighting for survival.

Robin S. Selladorai

FOR most people, they only read about how people have lost their jobs and are living in dire straits, unable to even put a decent meal on the table for their families.

I suppose that while reading this, the general public would just shake their heads and say “pity these people” without even raising a finger to render any assistance.

Personally, I am thankful and grateful to God that I am still able to make a living and help others with what I am able to.

However, many of my close relatives were not so fortunate and many have lost their jobs and are living hand to mouth.

Until I spent some time speaking to them, I too was among the many who sit in their comforts of their living rooms and continue criticising and condemning the government.

I never thought that the assistance rendered by the government would make such a huge difference in the lives of so many.

According to my relatives, from the time the Covid-19 pandemic hit, sometime in February this year they have been almost 100 per cent relying on support from the government to survive.

Apart from benefiting from the numerous food and essentials hand-outs, they said the numerous cash hand-outs had also gone a long way in assisting their families.

I guess the reason why people like me continue slamming the government is because we are not directly affected and do not realise just how much the government is actually assisting the people.

Those in the lower income groups and those seriously affected by the pandemic can surely attest that they and their families are alive and well today because of the asistance rendered by the government.

I never believed it till I actually spoke to those affected. That box of supplies and the RM300-RM500 hand-outs go a long way when you are fighting for survival.

Most of us remain unaware of the sufferings those in the lower income groups are going through and are under the impression that the government is doing nothing.

Well, I am not saying everyone is perfect in the administration, as there are bound to be rotten apples also, but on the hindsight, there are those trying their best.

I have many in my circle of relatives who continue to benefit from the assistance provided by the government and remain grateful for every meal they consume.

I personally have stopped aimlessly hitting out at the government and instead try to do the little I can to help those in dire straits.

On behalf of my relatives, I would like to extend a personal Thank You to PM Muhyiddin for his efforts – I know he is not having an easy time, but please do not give up the good fight.