Let Us Heed the Titah from Tuanku

Salleh Said

1. In this era of the ‘new normal’, which is not just about our changing lifestyle against the backdrop of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic, the rakyat are now more conscientious regarding political developments in Malaysia. We now have what can be said to be the court of public opinion.

2. Politicians now need to be more conscious of what they say and do. One false step and the rakyat will demand the heads of erring politicians. It is not so easy nowadays to misstep and get away with it unpunished.

3. The Conference of Rulers made their decision on Sunday and Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong has issued an official statement from Istana Negara. In short, what the Raja-Raja Melayu said is stop politicking and focus on the economy and the Covid-19 crisis.