‘Authentic documents’ with Agong, give him ‘space and time’, says Anwar

(Malaysia Now) – Anwar Ibrahim today said he had presented “genuine documents” to the Agong to prove his claim that he has the majority to form the government, hours after his royal audience at Istana Negara.

He claimed that MPs on his side exceed 120, adding that it would be appropriate for Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin to resign from his post.

He said Muhyiddin had however snubbed his gestures.

“I sent an olive branch… but till today, no response.”

Anwar said he was also aware of the threats from Covid-19, adding that the fight against the pandemic should not be clouded by “political expediency”.

Yesterday, authorities declared the return of the conditional movement control order in several areas in the wake of a spike in new infections.

Anwar meanwhile said he hoped all quarters would give space and time to Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah.

“Today, it is not a question of who wins or loses, but a quest towards building a nation that is prosperous and just,” he told reporters.

He also repeated his claim that his government would be a Malay-Muslim majority, adding that the rights of all communities would be guaranteed under his administration.

“It is (going to be) an inclusive government, no personal vendetta,” he said, but denied claims that he had cut deals with some quarters to get people on his side.

It is learnt that Sultan Abdullah will be calling the top leaders of political parties in the coming days, as he did in February before declaring that Muhyiddin had the confidence of the majority.

“I appeal all sides to exercise patience and wisdom, and to allow the king to digest based on the spirit of the constitution and the discretion of His Highness,” Anwar said.

Anwar had been gunning for today’s meeting since his statement on Sept 23, where he said he had secured a “formidable majority” to topple Muhyiddin’s seven-month-old government.

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