Sabah PKR chief considers legal action against blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin

Christina Liew said the PAS ideology (Islam) is not suitable for the diversified people of Sabah.

(Borneo Post) – Sabah PKR chairperson Datuk Christina Liew may slap blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin with a lawsuit for writing a twisted posting based on her statement regarding the presence of PAS in the Sabah cabinet.

“I note with regret an article posted by Raja Petra Kamarudin on the Malaysia Today website dated October 4, 2020 entitled ‘PKR wants Muslims to reject the Qur’an’, which twisted a statement I had given regarding the participation of PAS in the Sabah cabinet,” she said.

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“My original statement was referring to Parti Islam Semalaysia (PAS), as a political entity, would not be acceptable to the people of Sabah. At no point in my statement did I even mention PKR Sabah as wanting Muslims to reject either the Qur’an or Islam.”

“The allegation made by Raja Petra is abhorrent and a nefarious lie, aimed at defaming me in my role as an elected representative and leader of PKR Sabah. As such, I condemn this allegation. I have instructed my legal team to study this matter and consider pursuing legal action,” she said in a release here yesterday.

Liew said on October 3 that the proposal to appoint a representative of PAS, a peninsular-based party that did not even contest in the 16th state election, into the state legislative assembly was not acceptable in Sabah.

She said the PAS ideologies are not suitable for the diversified people of Sabah.

Raja Petra’s aforementioned article headlined on October 4, 2020 on the Malaysia Today portal.

In his article, amongst others, he said people who want to follow the Quranic teachings should stay out of Sabah.

“If you want to be allowed into Sabah, do the opposite of what the Quran says. If you want to follow what the Quran says, stay out of Sabah.

“And, under pluralism, not only Muslims get to go to heaven. In fact, you do not even need to accept Jesus Christ to get to go to heaven. You can pray to a giant teapot and still go to heaven. That is called pluralism,” he added.