Sabah CM issue resolved, GRS picks Hajiji

(FMT) – Gabungan Rakyat Sabah (GRS) today agreed to pick Sabah Perikatan Nasional chief Hajiji Noor as their chief minister candidate.

Hajiji, who is the state PPBM chief and newly elected Sulaman assemblyman, disclosed this at a press conference here.

Also present was Sabah Barisan Nasional chief Bung Moktar Radin, who was earlier said to be the second contender for the post.

“Yes, GRS has unanimously picked me as the chief minister,” Hajiji said to loud applause from supporters.

“GRS, comprising PN, BN and PBS, has agreed to form the new state government.

“We were informed that the swearing-in will be done tomorrow morning. This is the people’s mandate to us.”

Bung indicated the coalition’s approval, by adressing Hajiji as “Yang Amat Berhormat (YAB) Datuk Seri Hajiji”, to cheers from the crowd.

“We have come to an agreement on the realisation that this new government to be formed would be able to heal the spirit of the people which was lost because of the previous government,” the newly elected Lamag assemblyman said.

He said the incoming government had a big responsibility ahead of it, “but I’m confident after our YAB takes his oath, we will begin (implementing) these measures.”

Asked about his Cabinet line-up, including who his deputy chief minister would be, Hajiji said the important thing was to get sworn in first.

“It’s a secret (the Cabinet line-up),” he said.

He said the incoming government would get cracking on delivering its “Aku Janji” manifesto launched during the election campaign.