Why promise something that already exists in Sabah, says Najib

(FMT) – Former prime minister Najib Razak has questioned Warisan Plus’ use of the word “unity” as a key message in its election campaign, saying it could be a distraction from more pressing issues and also shows the coalition has nothing to offer.

He said Sabah had already been known for unity and the harmonious relationship between the different races in the state even before the 2018 general election (GE14).

“Why is Warisan Plus using the slogan of ‘Unity’ in their election campaign? Why promise something that already exists in Sabah?

“I think it is because Warisan Plus wants to draw attention away from their failure to fulfil their promises and to help Sabahans in this Covid-19 crisis, as well as their failure to take care of the state’s economy.

“If you watch closely, Warisan Plus rarely mentions their economic growth track record and their plans to develop Sabah in their campaign ceramahs,” Najib said in a Facebook post today.

Unity has ben the main message in a series of posters featuring Shafie Apdal’s image in Sabah in recent weeks
He pointed out how promises Warisan made in 2018 remain unfulfilled, such as limiting the chief minister’s tenure to two terms and that the chief minister should not hold the finance portfolio.

Najib said with the reality that unity and harmony had long been the norm in the state, it only means Warisan had nothing to offer the people of Sabah.

“This means that you get nothing when you vote for Warisan. You’re just re-electing a government that has proven to deceive the people with manifesto promises that go unfulfilled.

“What Sabahans need is a government that can set a clear direction for Sabah and its economy and save it from the status of having the worst economy among all states for two years in a row.

“Sabahans need a government that can help them face the Covid-19 crisis. They don’t want slogans and sentiments that distract from their (Warisan’s) failures,” he said.