No compromise on extremism, liberalism and secularism, says Muhyiddin

(FMT) – Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin says the government will not compromise with any form of extremism that could threaten the nation’s racial harmony, public peace and national safety.

Muhyiddin said strict action based on the law will be taken against anyone spreading any extremist ideologies or practices, regardless of race.

“In our effort to defend the holiness of Islam and the purity of the faith of Muslims, I want to remind that we cannot take extreme approaches that could cause unrest in our plural society.”

Malaysia must always prioritise moderation and harmony in racial and religious relationships, he said in a speech at an event here today.

He said the Perikatan Nasional (PN) government under his leadership will be more sensitive and responsive to the voices of Muslim NGOs, adding that he believed this space created will benefit the Muslim community in the nation.

He said several Muslim NGO leaders had met him and stated their concern over the major challenges faced by Muslims in Malaysia and around the world.

“This includes concerns on new developments in thinking and lifestyles that are seen to be a threat to the faith and morals of Muslims. This includes the influence of liberal ideologies and Western secularism.

“This ideology does not look at religion as something important in mankind’s life. Instead, it glorifies unlimited individual liberties to the point of breaching shariah law,” he said.