PAS chief: Only Malay-Muslim unity can lead and save the country

(MMO) – PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang today said that a Malay-Muslim unity is needed to save and lead the country to the right direction.

Speaking at the party’s annual general meeting (Muktamar) this morning, Abdul Hadi said based on Al-Quran’s Islamic politics, philosophy and history the Arabs and Turks who first dominated the world using Islam lost their mandate as their leaders started abandoning the religion.

“The nation that is with Islam must rise so that it is not swept away by the influence of non-Muslims who lose their identity.

“The nation may also be saved by other races who embrace and accept Islam without letting them be drowned by non-Muslims who are forbidden to be guardians or leaders of Muslims based on the word of Allah,” he told the 66th Muktamar in Kota Bharu that was streamed live online today.

Abdul Hadi, however, insisted that in this case, non-Muslim rights are still guaranteed.

He said Islam allows to establish relations with a non-Muslim plural society with strong boundaries, to maintain Islam as the aqeedah (creed) of the country.

“The role of non-Muslims in politics is allowed to the extent of holding the positions of Cabinet Minister, State Government EXCO and Local Government Council Member related to management and administrative matters that are not related to policy matters in Islam.

“What Islam emphasises is not racist fanaticism. The most important thing is that Islam accepts the nature of love for one’s own race and specifically takes care of one’s own family,” he said.

In Sept last year, PAS signed a cooperation pact with their traditional rival – Umno in the name of Muslim Unity.

Earlier this year, PAS joined the Perikatan Nasional coalition after taking over the government together with Umno, Bersatu and Sarawak parties.