Sabah PKR Youth leader decries unjust seat allocations within Warisan Plus

(MMO) – A PKR Youth leader has hit out at Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal after the former’s party was only allocated seven seats at the upcoming state polls.

Sabah PKR Youth information chief Razeef Rakimin said the allocation of seats to those aligned with the Warisan Plus coalition was unbalanced, unjust, even lamenting how DAP and Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) have been given the short end of the stick with seven and one single seat being contested respectively.

Razeef said even though there are just a few seats to be offered to each coalition ally, the distribution should have been done more evenly in the spirit of unity and consensus.

“I would like to question where has the spirit or unity that is often recited by Shafie when he clearly has taken over the seat of a fellow ally?

The Youth leader warned that as the people sat and observed the politicking and supposed unfairness, the likeliness of protest votes being cast seems very likely.

“This is because the people are watching and it is not impossible for not only the rakyat, but for supporters of parties within Warisan Plus to carry out protest votes once they see Warisan as a party that is greedy for seats,” he wrote.

Razeef then suggested how Shafie should feel indebted to DAP and Amanah as both parties had before this accepted him as the prime ministerial candidate, and are even willing to omit their emblem and that of Pakatan Harapan and contest under Warisan’s banner for these polls.

“I was also shocked when Pakatan Harapan coalition partners Amanah and DAP were not afforded the (seat) allocations they deserved despite them sacrificing several things to gain Shafie’s attention

“However, in the end what has happened is that Amanah were only given space to compete in one seat which is Tanjung Keramat after missing out on several potential seats in Pitas and Sekong.

“ On the other hand, several potential DAP seats were also snatched by Warisan, among the Tulid seat and several others which carry potential for DAP,” Razeef wrote.

PKR Sabah today confirmed the party would only be contesting in seven out of the 73 state seats available, despite announcing their intention to field 14 candidates the day before.

PKR were alleged to have been stuck in a standoff over seat negotiations with Shafie, who announced the Warisan Plus candidates this morning.

Of the 73 candidates under Warisan Plus, 46 are from Shafie’s Warisan, 12 from Upko, seven each from PKR and DAP, and Amanah with one.

The state polls have been scheduled to take place on September 26, beginning with Nomination Day this Saturday.