Ex-Johor MB spotted at another Pejuang event

(Malaysiakini) – Just three days ago, the Bersatu disciplinary board clarified that there was no evidence to suggest its Johor assemblyperson Osman Sapian was campaigning for a Pejuang-endorsed candidate in the recently concluded Slim by-election.

However, it has been revealed that the former Johor menteri besar attended a Pejuang-related event last night, this time to show appreciation for the party’s election machinery from the state.

In a Facebook post by Abu Bakar Yahya, who is Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s political secretary, Osman was shown participating in the event in several photographs, including one where he appeared to be delivering a speech.

“Alhamdulillah, done attending an event to celebrate Pejuang machinery from Johor, which assisted the independent candidate in Slim River,” Abu Bakar said.

The photographs were uploaded late last night on Abu Bakar’s Facebook account.

At about 5am, Abu Bakar also posted a short video showing the crowd chanting “Hidup Pejuang” (Long live Pejuang) three times.

“Do not ask why YB Osman Safian does not leave Bersatu, but look at his actions. Please share this to as many as you can so that many would get to know this,” said a caption on the video.

Malaysiakini contacted Osman for comments on the photographs and video, as well as claim that he is leaving the party for Pejuang.

“Not yet,” he said in a text message. A request for him to elaborate on this has been sent.

Bersatu disciplinary board chairperson Megat Najmuddin Megat Khas, meanwhile, declined to comment on the matter.

“I don’t want to comment. I can only act if there is an official complaint together with evidence,” Megat Najmuddin told Malaysiakini this morning.

The stability of the Johor Perikatan Nasional state government came into question recently when Osman was spotted with the Pejuang team on the Slim by-election campaign trail.

This was because Johor PN has 29 seats in the state assembly against Pakatan Harapan’s 27. A single defection from PN would result in a hung assembly.

Following this, Megat Najmuddin told Malaysiakini last Friday that Osman’s membership had been voided as per Clause 10.2.3 of the Bersatu constitution, which states that a Bersatu member who joins a different party automatically loses membership.

However, hours later, he clarified that what he meant earlier, was that Osman would have voided his membership if he had actually campaigned for Pejuang during the Slim by-election.

Megat Najmuddin said there was no evidence yet that Osman had committed an offence.

“No. (What was said) earlier, is that if it was clear that he made speeches and so on, then automatically he would be ousted.

“But there is no evidence yet… Osman has denied that he did (as accused),” he added.