Dr M alleges money used to ‘buy votes’ in Slim by-election

Dr Mahathir Mohamad today alleged that his successor Muhyiddin Yassin’s  government had used money to “buy people and voters” in the recent Slim by-election.

Mahathir claimed that money was given to voters in the by-election to persuade them to vote for Barisan Nasional’s candidate.

“In Slim, we know a lot of money was used. (It was) very cleverly done. They brought a van to help bring voters to the polling centres. Inside the van, money was given,” he claimed at a press conference today.

“Some of them, after voting for BN, they take a picture of their finger with the black (indelible ink) mark, and they mark that they voted for BN.

“When they show this to BN people, they are paid the balance. First time, maybe RM100, and once they show that they supported (the BN candidate), they get RM150. This was told to us. There are pictures of this.”