Manila to revive office in charge of claiming Sabah, alleges ‘bribes’ to drop past attempts

The Philippines is reportedly planning to revive its claim on Sabah, after saying that its previous department in charge of the claim had been receiving significant “bribes” over the years to drop the matter.

(MMO) – The Inquirer reported that Philippine’s Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr will revive the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) North Borneo Affairs which is dedicated to efforts to reclaim Sabah, which he described as “the tropical island of Borneo.”

“As a matter of history there have been repeated offers to abandon our Sabah claim from aspiring presidential candidates since the late 1970s, usually Opposition because they are most in need of campaign funds but administration as well,” Locsin tweeted on Sunday.

On Monday, Locsin again tweeted “the Filipino public must know that what is on offer is huge so the temptation to betray is commensurately humongous.”

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