TOMMY THOMAS ALSO LIED when he said all lawyers must be appointed by OPEN TENDERS

Matthias Chang

Lim Guan Eng has not denied in parliament that he awarded 101 contracts worth over RM6.6 BILLION without open tender after the Finance Minister revealed the same in parliament. LGE, instead offered Direct Negotiation awards.

As the former PM, how come Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is blur and clueless about this scandal?

Surely, he must demand from LGE why he was kept in the dark and the same was not raised in the Pakatan Harapan Cabinet.

But, Tun demands that the Finance Minister give details. A sign of clear senility.

Stupid as well.

Freaking PH campaigned that all contracts must be awarded by way of Open Tender. So, even if less than 101 contracts were not open tender (which is not the case), the entire PH govt lied. Tun and LGE must apologise publicly for the lies.

Have these scumbags not said that all their dastardly promises in their manifesto were promises impossible to be delivered. Therefore, they lied. Scumbags. Indulge in HARAM activities.

So TUN M should shut the f… k up, confront LGE for lying and freaking apologise. Stop this nonsense. We are pissed of with Tun and PH theatrics and their holy than thou WAYANG KULIT.

This LGE behaviour is BLOODY HARAM. PH IS HARAM, and as Tun M says,  such corruption is equal to eating BABI.

Tun M has used such incendiary words and has incited hate. But, he accuses others of eating Babi, when LGE had lied about open tenders. But, as a Chinese, LGE eats BABI, so it is OK by Tun’s double standards.

The former AG, TOMMY THOMAS ALSO LIED when he said all lawyers must be appointed by OPEN TENDERS should they wish to be involved in 1MDB cases and other services for AGC.