Truth Be Told – The Country Must Rally Behind Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Why?

Matthias Chang


Recently, I exchanged a few Whatsapp messages with the son of a late UMNO leader, following my invitation to him to research on the global market for LNG, why Shell is bleeding and the future of Petronas moving forward.

And as usual, I provided sufficient contemplative points on the future of our country and the need to unite behind the current prime minister on the lowest common denominator, to secure the future of our country. Whether he will follow through, is left to be seen.

That said, it is impossible to narrate a two volume historical account of UMNO’s succession politics in this article. I will provide the bare bones of the history and fast forward to the present challenges and the premise for this belated article. I seek your indulgence for cutting corners in the narrative. Historians will complain on the brevity and intellectual masturbators will argue that there is not enough “meat and juices” to speculate and debate on the nuances. I did say that this is not a historical treatise. Let’s begin.