Syed Saddiq breaks away from Dr Mahathir and forms new party

(The New Sarawak) – EX-YOUTH and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman will not join the party formed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Pejuang, but will set up his own multi-racial, youth-centric party.

The ex-Bersatu chief said it was high time Malaysia has its own political party made up of young multi-ethnic Malaysians.

“If in Thailand they can set up Future Forward, in France they can set up En Marche under Macron, I think it is timely in Malaysia to start-up a movement made of young people,” he sai din a Channel News Asia interview.

“Of young technocrats, professionals, young politicians from different backgrounds to come together to ensure that the youth’s voice will dominate in Parliament and outside of Parliament, that in the end, the youth can never be taken lightly any more.

“It is timely today so that politics will never be chained by the same people, being controlled and monopolised by the same old people,” he added.

Ex-PM Dr Mahathir, the former Bersatu chairman, had said that he would set up an independent Malay political party.

Dr Mahathir, with several other Bersatu leaders including Syed Saddiq was sacked following a revolt that saw Tan Sri Muhyiddin become the PM in March.