Muhyiddin accepts invitation for Bersatu to join Muafakat

(Malaysiakini) – Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin has officially accepted an invitation for the party to join Muafakat Nasional, according to PAS secretary-general Takiyuddin Hassan.

Takiyuddin said Muhyiddin had personally responded to the invitation letter from Muafakat.

“I can confirm that Muhyiddin has replied to the letter and stated Bersatu’s readiness to be a member of Muafakat.

“We have received the letter but it’s just that we haven’t got the time to meet,” Takiyuddin (below) told reporters after distributing the Students Assistance Scheme in Kota Bharu today.

“Maybe we will hold a meeting of the three parties soon,” the Kota Bharu MP added.

Malaysiakini reported yesterday that Umno has put an end to a polemic surrounding Bersatu’s entry into its Muafakat pact with PAS after its president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi confirmed a formal invitation letter had been sent.

Zahid said the invitation to Bersatu was issued after a consensus reached during a meeting chaired by Umno and PAS deputy presidents.

On the issue of PAS membership in the Perikatan Nasional coalition, Takiyuddin maintained that his party’s status so far remains as a pro-tem member.

“We did not join, but to set up a party, there need to be pro-tem members and PAS is a pro-tem.

“It’s not official yet which parties will be in PN,” said the de facto law minister.

“A coalition can be registered or otherwise, but if it would like to contest in an election, then it must be registered.

“Otherwise, they can’t use a (single) logo, like (what happened to) Pakatan Harapan,” he said in reference to the last 14th general election when all Harapan components had agreed to contest using the PKR banner rather than as a coalition.

“If in GE15 we want to use PN, then PN, or similarly Muafakat, must be registered,” he said, adding that the matter must be further discussed.

Meanwhile, taking to Twitter yesterday, Umno secretary-general Annuar Musa also confirmed that Muhyiddin had responded to Umno and PAS’ invitation for Bersatu to join Muafakat.

“This is the syura spirit. The matter was discussed and agreed jointly by Muafakat on Aug 6,” he said.

“The matter was reported to the political bureau and the supreme council on Aug 7. The letter was sent on Aug 13. On Aug 18, we received an acceptance letter from the president of Bersatu,” tweeted the Ketereh MP.