PBB Sarawak asserts Malays are very “sensitive”

Give the above issue the minor treatment it deserves – just fine the offenders for vandalism and close the matter, instead of provocatively raising “sensitivity” aspects pertaining to only one race.

Ktemoc Konsiders

I agree that DAPSY has gone too far by taking “things” into its own hands. Kuching is not quite Penang yet.
OTOH, I believe the word “sensitive” has been overused in Malaysia. The deputy minister’s aversion to and assertion of those Chinese language signs being “considered as insensitive to the sentiments of the plural society” is gross exaggeration. Why should Malaysians be “sensitive” over trivial issues such a this?
In Malaysia, the word “sensitive” has always been used to reflect the dislike of only the Malays, even if the general Malay population don’t give a damn. Demolishing Hindu shrines, Taoist temple or throwing cow heads at Hindu temple gates are not “sensitive”??? One Muslim abducting an Indian baby and police buat ta’tahu not “sensitive”??? Earlier (1986), another Muslim chegu seducing and abducting his Chinese underage student (Susie Teoh) and marrying her even when she was ‘a ‘minor’, with the Courts buat ta’tahu juga (tok-kok as the Court’s decison was eventually overruled by the then-Supreme Court) not sensitive???