Wasn’t it Mahathir who advised the Agong to pardon Anwar?

Matthias Chang

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is getting really stupid asking MPs to oppose the Supplementary Budget Bill when we are already in the middle of a crisis. Thank God Pakatan Harapan is not in power.

Tun must be blur and/or sleeping and still more interested in the ugly power play with Anwar Ibrahim.

I am very confident that before 2020 is out, Tun will, by his own actions and stupidity, cause his own disaster, now that he is already out of power. Tun will self-destruct due to his insatiable lust for power and the members of his new party will be fighting amongst themselves in hell.

If he walks away, he may just retain some remaining dignity. But, he will not, because he is addicted to power and his cronies have no balls to tell the truth to him – he is a walking disaster.

Looking at his political theatrics, Tun is a pale shadow of his former self. THE RAKYAT cringe at his political clowning.

The final nail the proverbial political coffin just happened. His so-called lawyer argued in court that Anwar was pardoned by His Majesty the former Agong in contravention of law and procedure, and therefore the pardon was also unconstitutional.

This stab must be as brutal, if not more so than the one inflicted by Brutus BECAUSE AS PM, Tun was the principal player in facilitating the pardon. Tun is supposed to advise the Agong, etc., under the Constitution. I suppose Tun must have sought legal advice on the pardoning of Anwar.

This lawyer is the same lawyer who pride himself as “Mahathir’s lawyer”. Surely if the pardon was unlawful, etc., why did this lawyer not advise Tun M on the illegality?

Now, two years later, this lawyer is singing a different tune. The former AG, TOMMY THOMAS is rather silent on this matter.

What more is there to say about Tun M???