The Pejuang PETAI or PETAI Fighters

OutSyed the Box

Dr M tonight elaborated on his new party “Pejuang”

revealing that its full name is Parti Pejuang Tanah Air

will field a candidate in Slim by-election

candidate will contest as independent

My comments :

Last week some friends and I drove to Kuala Pilah for lunch at a ‘recommended’ Minang restaurant in Sri Menanti. The place was closed. We had Minang food anyway. The daging salai is good. Almost all food in Negeri is Minang.

There was plenty of petai for sale along the way and I bought some – RM10 for five petai. Harga Kolompo juga.

Parti Pejuang Tanah Air – its acronym can also be PETAI.

Simple and easy to remember.

Pejuang means a fighter. So Dr M wants to be another fighter.

Dr M wants to fight, fight, fight.

He wants to be like a fighter cock.

Let me give some free advise to Dr Mahathir and anyone else.

You really have to move on beyond this “fighter” mentality.

It is so Third World and Zaman Batu lah.

Pejuang, jihad and other such words imply a combative attitude.

Nak bergaduh saja pasal apa?

Combative attitude means you do not know how to get along with human beings.

Why not something more amicable like Parti Maju? Parti Aman? Parti Sopan?

Parti Semua ? Parti Semua Rakyat ?

Instead of pejuang, penumbuk, pemukul, berjihad, perkauman etc etc.

When will this Zaman Batu thinking come to an end?

Ok now here is more real stuff.

Dr Mahathir is a pelupa.

He has forgotten that so far he has lost SIX by elections straight.

One after another.

The latest was Chini. Dr M’s “independent” candidate got wiped out in Chini.

I know that Chini candidate was an “independent” but Dr M and gang would have celebrated if he had won. So he was Dr M’s candidate.

Now Slim is going to be Dr Mahathir’s SEVENTH by election wipe out in a row.

You have lost the peoples’ support Sir.