And the winner is…Muhyiddin Yassin

Jae Senn

Right now, with Lim Guan Eng and his wife being hauled to court, people like Tony Pua, Liew Chin Tong, Yeo Bee Yin and many others are starting the psy-war to spread lies about how there’s “not a shred of evidence” that Guan Eng did anything wrong. They’re saying that there’s no justice and rule of law in Malaysia. They’re saying that it’s political persecution.

And just 2 weeks ago they were praising our country’s justice system after Najib was convicted.

Based on how these guys have twisted and turned over the years, I find that I’ll just end up confusing myself when I think of these hypothetical scenarios.

– If Mahathir’s 22 years of very well-layered slush funds, “offsets” and abuse of power is investigated by an RCI today, will Pakatan Harapan feel that it’s justice being served, or is it political persecution?

– If the Forex RCI is revived to investigate Mahathir, will DAP be pleased with it, or will they say it’s political persecution against Mahathir?

– If LHDN investigates political donations to Mahathir’s former allies-turned-foes like PPBM and PKR that backstabbed him, will he say it’s justice being done or will he thinks it’s an abuse of power by PN?

– Will Anwar be glad if the former allies that betrayed him get investigated by the MACC and LHDN, or will he feel that it’s just politics of revenge?

– As DAP gets screwed further, and if new cases open up against Amanah, will Anwar say that they have it coming, or does he think it’s some gestapo tactics?

– If Anwar gets investigated again for sodomy or any other crimes, will Mahathir support him? Will DAP support Anwar? Or will they all just throw each other under the bus at this point?

Apart from figuring out how these power-crazy buffoons have been drawing knives out for each other’s throats for over 3 years (at least a year before GE-14 and throughout their 22 months of rule together) and what their current sentiments would be if any of them is next on MACC’s and LHDN’s hit list, all these press headlines alone are enough to show why Pakatan Harapan disintegrated from within.

Backstabbing. Stepping on one another when someone’s down. Shifting allegiances based on convenience and promises of power & fortune. Decades of enmity just waiting to bubble to the surface.

So, don’t blame Muhyiddin for stepping in and stealing the throne while you guys were mud-wrestling outside. I think Muhyiddin couldn’t care less what DAP thinks of PKR and Mahathir; or what Mahathir thinks of DAP, PKR, Amanah, UMNO, PPBM and others; or what Anwar thinks of Mahathir and DAP. Those who have been lined up on MACC’s & LHDN’s hit list will have their day in court and the Silent Assassin will just carry on like nothing happened.

He does not have a son that he wants to prop up as a chief minister, high-ranking cabinet minister, or a future Prime Minister. He does not have a wife that does backroom dealings for him and to hold his ill-gotten gains. He is not here to build a Yassin political dynasty or to plant his people as successors whom he can control as a “senior minister” until the day he dies.

And because of these factors, he doesn’t care what these people think of each other, and what they’ll think of him. All he wants is his shot to lead the country, something that BN and PH deprived him of. He was always second-fiddle whether during BN’s era or during PH’s era, warming the seat for a future Deputy Prime Minister and a future Prime Minister.

Now that he managed to seize the throne when others were busy fighting, he got his goal to be the Prime Minister. And he will do what he needs to do, make the changes that he sees fit, remove the people that he had always wanted to get rid off, and then he’ll pass the baton.

Therefore, unlike the Lim dynasty, the Mahathir dynasty and the Anwar dynasty, Muhyiddin has more skin in the game, takes bigger risks, while having lesser to lose. This allows him to be more shrewd and vicious than they could ever expect.

More cases could be coming, and it will just be business as usual for Muhyiddin. It will just be another ordinary task that has been delegated to the relevant agencies, while he, as PM, goes around spreading hope about improving and reviving our post-Covid economy and our imbalanced property market, and then head home for a good night’s sleep.