Minutes show Dr M, Guan Eng had hand in tycoon’s case, says Takiyuddin

(FMT) – De facto law minister Takiyuddin Hassan today claimed there are letters to show there was interference by former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad and former finance minister Lim Guan Eng in a case involving a tycoon linked to 1MDB.

He said there are minutes of a meeting held on Dec 5, 2018 which stated that Mahathir had asked for a freeze on the tycoon’s account to be lifted.

Takiyuddin said the tycoon was involved in a 1MDB case amounting to RM4 million.

“When he had to face MACC, he (the tycoon) had asked his lawyer to do a letter of representation to MACC on Oct 20, 2018, during PH’s administration,” he said.

He said Mahathir had asked for the letter to be minuted.

According to the minutes, Takiyuddin said, Mahathir had on Dec 5, 2018 written a letter saying that the tycoon should be blamed in the case.

Due to that, he said the freeze should be lifted, Takiyuddin added while reading parts the letter.

He claimed Lim followed this up by writing to the attorney-general to lift the freeze on the tycoon’s account

Following this, then AG Tommy Thomas wrote to Lim on May 31, 2019 stating that the freeze had been lifted, but Takiyuddin did not reveal the details.

Takiyuiddin said there were other letters to ask for the freeze on the tycoon’s account to be lifted.

“The instructions were from the AG to MACC to lift …,” he said, before his voice was drowned by shouts from the opposition MPs.

But Takiyuddin said: “Documents speak louder than words.”