Najib Razak asks Lim Guan Eng 10 simple questions

Najib Tun Razak

Wow! Just wow!

He samun the non-existent tunnel and I am to blame?

For starters, the most ridiculous excuse from DAP is that there is not a single evidence that Guan Eng should be charged.

It cannot be that the Attorney-General and the MACC would charge Guan Eng and then when it comes to the court hearings, not a single piece of evidence is produced or a single witness will be called to give their statements.

What do you expect will happen then the trial starts?

The Prosecutors and the defence lawyers will stare at each others’ faces in silence while the judge looks at his phone to count-down until court adjourns for the day?

In fact, the best person to answer if Guan Eng had ever solicited for 10% of the project is the person he had allegedly asked it from which is the Penang Tunnel Company owner.

And so far, the Penang Tunnel Company owner has remained silent. He has yet to deny.

DAP cannot even answer the most fundamental questions about the tunnel project and yet they want to shift the blame to me?

Try answering these questions which now makes a whole lot more sense now that we know that a personal 10% state in the mega billions project is involved:

QUESTION 1: Are the MACC investigation papers leaked early last year which contained the confession by the Penang Tunnel company owner stating that 10% of the project was offered to Guan Eng and that he had paid money to Guan Eng via his then aide Jeffrey Chew and to various other Penang EXCO members in order to secure and to stop the Penang Government from cancelling the project real?

For more than a year, the PH government did not even dare confirm or deny – whether in the press or in parliament – if the leaked papers were real.

When asked in parliament if the police report filed by MACC was for leaked papers or for forgery, the Deputy Minister for law merely told us to go ask PDRM ourselves:

“Hanipa to Wee: Get ‘MACC leak’ report yourself”

It is only recently that the MACC head admitted the police report made was for leak of investigation papers:

“Police report against RPK was over leak, not false documents, says MACC source”

QUESTION 2: Why was the mega project awarded to a loss-making small company whose yearly audited accounts keep showing it was in deficit and the auditors has warned the company is in danger of being insolvent at the time the project was awarded?

QUESTION 3: Why was the award of the project never cancelled nor the Penang tunnel company never penalised despite the project being late for 7 years?

Heck, even the feasibility studies are still not completed after 7 years.

Seven years, my friend and nothing to be seen.

QUESTION 4: Why do the reports alone cost RM305 million? And despite DAP’s lies that not a single sen was paid, RM220 million was already paid in the form of state land to the Penang tunnel company jsut for the cost of doing reports for the 3 roads in the year 2015 (5 years ago).

And now the RM1 billion GDV luxury condo project City of Dreams phase 1 was completed (and fully sold) on part of the beach-front land paid.last year while no construction on the 3 roads or the tunnels had even started. Phase 2 of the project with an even higher GDV was announced to launch this year.

After 7 years, The Penang tunnel company now owns property projects worth billions of Ringgit and what did the Penang Rakyat get? Nothing.

QUESTION 5: DAP had also never explained why the cost of the reports for the 3 roads is RM220 million while the cost of the reports for the more complicated and more expensive tunnel is RM90 million.

The blatant front-loading meant that the cost of doing reports for the first road is RM120.4 million despite the construction cost of the road itself is only RM377.6 million.

QUESTION 6: When the Penang Government kicked out the Chinese group BUCG from the project in 2016 (BUCG ever only owned RM10,000 worth of shares in the Penang tunnel company) and finally had to admit that they lied that CRCC was a shareholder, the paid up capital of the Penang Tunnel company was less than RM10 million.

This means that that the minimum paid-up capital of RM381 million minimum paid-up capital required under government procurement guidelines in order to qualify to win a RM6.34 billion project is not met.

Why wasn’t the project cancelled for no longer qualifying? Up till today, the Penang tunnel company still does not meet the minimum guidelines.

QUESTION 7: Despite paying full price for the RM6.34 billion project using 110 acres of valuable beach-front land, why did the Penang Government still award the Penang tunnel company with a bonus 30 years toll concession?

QUESTION 8: The total GDV of the property projects on the 110 acres of beachfront land given to the Penang tunnel company is at least RM30 billion.

Why then is the Penang government so intent on maximising the value and potential of these 100% privately-owned property projects of the Penang tunnel company by building the RM7.5 billion Pan Island Link highway to connect that project to the Bayan Lepas airport, paying RM400 million to widen Gurney Drive and building the RM200 million Gurney Wharf public park right next to their property projects?

RM10 billion of public funds is paid to ensure maximum success of the RM30 billion property projects owned by the 100% privately-owned Penang tunnel company?

QUESTION 9: If there was no element of corruption then why did the Penang Tunnel company pay RM19 million in cash to a middle-man in 2017 in an attempt to stop MACC investigations?

And why did Guan Eng try to lie about being friends with this middle-man then?

And despite the Penang Tunnel company committing wrong-doing by paying RM19 million to stop corruption investigations, the Penang Government took absolutely no action on the company!

QUESTION 10: Why is DAP still insisting that the project was awarded via open tender when it is clear that only 5 companies was invited to participate in a Request for Proposal (RFP) exercise?

A RFP exercise is NOT an open tender:

For years, many had wondered why the small Penang tunnel company was given such a sweet-heart deal, why it was so well-loved and protected by the DAP Penang government.

The answer is now abundantly clear after it was revealed that Guan Eng has been charged for soliciting a 10% stake.

DAP should answer these questions first before trying to blame me or blame the PN government for charging Guan Eng for corruption.

And if DAP truly believes that MACC does not have a shred of evidence, please ensure that Guan Eng makes no attempt to delay his trials so that MACC’s lack of evidence is exposed in court.

Please don’t allow Guan Eng to delay his trials again by 2 years like what he did with his bungalow court case by challenging the MACC act as unconstitutional.

“How Lim Guan Eng dragged his case to acquittal”