Another Malay party? We need to grow up and move on, says Anwar

(The Mole) – Grow up. Let’s move on.

That was from PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on the new Malay-based party formed by Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in a bid to contest in the next general election.

“I think after 60 years of independence, we have to mature from race politics,” said Anwar during an online forum on Facebook organised by the United Kingdom and Eire Council for Malaysian Students.

“I represent PKR. A party that talks about reforms and justice. A party that transcends race and depart from the old thinking that there are no solutions besides that of race-based.

“True, the Malays need to be made to feel secure, but others must also be accorded similar rights in this country,” said Anwar.

He however clarified that he was not against the former prime minister’s new yet-to-be-named party, announced on Friday, as he believed in the freedom to form associations and parties.

During the announcement, Dr Mahathir said that his party – whose interim president is his son, Datuk Seri Mukhriz – would remain independent for now, but would join hands with other parties after the next national polls.

On a viewer’s question if Anwar had received any form of invitation from Dr Mahathir in regards to the latter’s party, Anwar said no.

“I think he is smart and experienced enough to understand my strong views on abuse of power, racism and bigotry. I am well committed in a multiracial agenda in this country,” said Anwar.

On the virtual forum however, Anwar maintained that he has moved-on from Dr Mahathir’s unkempt promises of making him the next PM which the latter agreed upon prior to the May 9, 2018 general election.

“Nothing personal. I can work with anyone. But we had given him (Dr Mahathir) the opportunity. He has been the PM for 22 years. He has made a promise and reneged on it. So, let us move on,” said Anwar.