Rocky road to GE15 for Perikatan as Umno’s Nur Jazlan slams the door on Bersatu in Johor

Seat negotiations for the ruling Perikatan Nasional heading into the general election are set to be fraught after yet another Umno leader said nominal ally Bersatu should end any expectations of contesting the Malay nationalist party’s traditional seats.

(MMO) – Umno’s Datuk Nur Jazlan Mohamed said there was no way his party would yield to Bersatu in Johor, especially not when the latter appeared to be in disarray.

In an interview with Utusan Malaysia published today, the former Pulai MP also repeated his prediction that Bersatu was likely to share the fate of defunct Umno offshoot, Semangat 46.

“The Bersatu elections are supposed to happen next month, September, but until now they have still not resolved their division level polls. It is clear that Bersatu at the divisional level is extremely lethargic,” he was quoted as saying.

“The Johor Bersatu leadership can’t even control things, what more the situation down at the division level. Then they eye many seats and tell Umno’s people to support them.”

Nur Jazlan’s rebuke of Bersatu made him the second senior Umno leader to deliver a reality check to Bersatu about its place in the pecking order within Malaysia’s ruling political alliance.

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