Sabah DAP rep claims approached with cash offer by rival ‘agents’, one visit caught on camera

Kapayan assemblyman Jannie Lasimbang alleged two men, allegedly “agents” representing the Sabah Opposition, tried to solicit her defection with offers of cash and a state minister position.

(MMO) – Lasimbang said that the men also visited her sister, Moyog assemblyman Jenifer Lasimbang, at the latter’s office and the incident was captured on the site’s closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance system.

“Yes, the same agents. I didn’t even let them finish what they have to say after they introduced themselves as agents of (a politician’s son), I immediately said I was not interested. I was offended they came to my house with such a proposition. I cursed them and their evil intentions.

“DAP assemblymen and MPs are doing a press conference later at the DAP headquarters to talk about it,” she said when contacted.

Lasimbang said that she believed the two men claiming to represent the son of a prominent Sabah politician were tasked with getting government-aligned elected representatives to defect.

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